Apexis IP Control Pro is the only app you need for controlling your Apexis cameras. Wether you want to protect your business or home, keep an extra eye on you elderly mother or don't want to miss a single second of your new-born baby: this is the app you need.



Panning means moving the camera horizontally, tilting means moving the camera vertically. Some models support moving in 4 directions, other models support moving in 8 directions. The app supports both and lets you control the camera easily.

Two-way audio

The app supports full two-way audio support, meaning you can hear the audio recorded by the camera's microphone, but also you can talk back. If your camera is equipped both with a microphone and speaker that is. Please note that audio quality can differ between camera models and is not available on all camera models yet.

Motion detection

When motion is detected the camera can send an E-mail to notify you. Motion detection and the mail server settings can be fully configured from within the app and can be quickly turned on or off. Additionally it is possible to use the input/output features of your camera to connect a door switch or external siren.

Face tracking (new feature!)

When enabled, faces that are in the camera's view will be tracked with a green rectangle. This feature is available for all camera models.

P2P camera cloud support (new feature!)

Support for Apexis P2P cloud cameras: very easy to setup, no need for configuring your router for port-forwarding anymore.

Easy set-up with QR-code (new feature!)

Scan the QR-code of the camera, follow a few easy steps and your camera has been added. Only supported for compatible Apexis P2P cameras.

Find cameras in the network (new feature!)

Search for cameras in the network and configure them. Only available for compatible MJPEG cameras.

Camera setup wizard (new feature!)

Assist in setting up and configuring your new camera for wifi and for access from outside your network. Only available for compatible MJPEG cameras.


Patrolling is moving the camera automatically at a specified interval, horizontally or vertically or both. In the app patrolling can be fully configured to follow certain patterns and quickly be enabled or disabled.


Presets are pre-defined camera positions. Most Apexis pan/tilt cameras support this, but remember that it has to be enabled on the camera first! Using the app you can manage preset position and move to them with a push of the button.

Optical zoom

Some cameras are equipped with an optical zoom lens. You can control the zoom from the app. Additionally, even when your camera is not equipped with an optical zoom lens, you can use pinch to zoom digitally to view the image in full resolution and even beyond.

Mosaic with 4 or 6 cameras

In the mosaic view you have the ability to view 4 (portrait) or 6 (landscape) live video streams simultaneously. Swipe to view more (up to 144!) cameras.


  • Lots of Apexis camera models supported (check the here for a list)
  • View the live video feed of your cameras
  • Pan/tilt your camera in all directions*
  • Motion detection, not only switching on/off but also configuring it and setting up the mail server
  • Two-way audio*, that is listen and talk
  • Mosaic view for showing 4 cameras (in landscape) and 6 cameras (in portrait) simultaneously
  • Swipe in mosaic view to view more cameras (up to 144)
  • Manage and control preset positions*
  • Zoom in and out on the image by pinching (even when your camera doesn't support zoom)
  • Support for optical zoom*
  • Quickly enable/disable the alarm
  • Full screen camera view by rotating the device to a landscape position
  • Swipe in fullscreen view to select another camera
  • Possibility to lock the app with a pincode
  • Take snapshots and save it to your camera roll or send as mail
  • Adjust brightness/contrast and flicker reduction*
  • Adjust resolution*
  • Mirror and flip is taken into account (for example when mounted to a ceiling)
  • Support for alarm input (input triggers alarm, for example to be used with a door switch)*
  • Support for alarm output (output is set on alarm, for example to be used with an external siren)*
  • Output switch can be trigger manually*
  • Switch infrared light (night vision) on or off*
  • *NEW* Thumbnail camera images to aid with selecting the correct camera
  • *NEW* Automatically scan for cameras in your network and add them
  • *NEW* Aid to set up your cameras for wifi
  • *NEW* Advanced settings for example for setting pan/tilt speed
  • Taking full advantage of retina displays (both on iPhone and iPad)
  • Although this is not a universal app tailored to the iPad, it does use the bigger resolution of the iPad to show a better quality camera image.

* Please understand that not all the features above are available for all camera models. Check here for a feature matrix. Audio quality can differ from camera to camera.

Last update

Changes in version 1.17:

  • iOS 7 and 8 update
  • Flatter redesigned userinterface
  • Improved HD camera support
  • Fixed admin account not being detected correctly for HD cameras
  • Added 'P2P pan/tilt camera' to enable pan/tilt on cameras where auto-detect fails (due to problem in camera's firmware)


The app is used by tens of thousands of users and reviewed by many of them giving an average of 4.5 stars! A 5-star rating after each update is very much appreciated!

4.5 out of 5 stars

About Apexis

ShenZhen Apexis Electronic Co.,Ltd. (www.apexis.com.cn) is a manufacturer of IP network cameras for home and business use. They offer good quality products for an affordable price. We, the makers of the app, are not related to Apexies in any way. We independently developed this app especially for their products. As we have much experience with their products we can confirm that they offer a good quality-price ratio.

If you are looking to buy a Apexis camera, please check one of the links below:

  • Dutch importer/seller
  • http://www.apexiscamera.nl
  • French importer/seller
  • http://www.boutique.apexis-france.fr
  • German importer/seller
  • http://www.apexis-deutschland.de
  • US importer/seller
  • http://apexis-us.com

    We are not paid for publishing these links.

    Supported cameras

    Below is a list of supported camera models with the features that are supported in the app. Please note that not all features are supported for all cameras.

    ModelVideoPan/tiltPatrolPresetsOptical zoomMotion detectionAudioTalkIn/outputMail server setupAdvanced settingsFace trackingQR-code setup
    Pan/tilt cameras
    Pan/tilt/zoom cameras
    Fixed and outdoor cameras

    Y = Yes, Y+ = Available in next update, N = No, N/A = Not applicable. No rights may be derived from the information
    * Limited support is available for these camera models yet, which can result into lower quality video, slower framerates and missing features

    Features are explained here.

    Other Apexis compatible cameras

    There are a lot of other cameras that are compatible with Apexis, sold under different brands, and those can be used too. Check the FAQ on how to check if a camera is compatible with the app

    Check here is a list of Apexis compatible cameras.

    Device requirements

    To use Apexis IP Control Pro you need one of these Apple iOS devices running iOS 6 or iOS 7:

    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 4S
    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPod 3rd generation
    • iPod 4th generation
    • iPod 5th generation
    • iPad 2*
    • iPad 3 (The New iPad)*

    *Although the app is not specifically tailored for the iPad, it works and does use the bigger resolution of the iPad to show a better quality camera image.

    And obviously you will need to have accesss to at least on of the cameras listed here.

    Minimum network requirements

    For basic app usage you'll need:

    • A wireless router configured in your network (or a wired router with a separate wireless access point or a wireless cable/ADSL modem)
    • Basic network knowledge and analytical skills for setting up and configuring the camera(s)
    • Your cameras already connected and configured on your network either wired or wirelessly

    You'll be able to access the camera(s) when both the iOS device and camera(s) are connected to the same network

    Recommended network requirements

    To use the full potential of the app you additionally need:

    • Advanced network knowledge for setting up NAT port forwarding on your router or cable/ADSL modem
    • A UPnP or NAT-capable wireless router with UPnP or port-forwarding configured
    • A fast 3G or 4G connection on your iOS device

    You'll be able to access the camera(s) from outside your local network.

    Verifying the binary

    The hashes below can be used to verify if the binary you downloaded is authentic, thus is exactly the same as we compiled and distributed.

    1.16: 6a616f3129fc1d528ba07a7239c7f971c2a1aa83731639fe0d2573ac8cb3e858f9329db8e19d087232cdf04f6cdd444e5fc170b27fb5ac9f8d779067b2de095f
    1.15: fe60a3b2559144d03f4065187eef58411461d69541cac533a1442be440fa14700b8fdf2b7a15fc380bbd8318b463483b3f8e1c7cf6dd9d4fac6397ad2c867664
    1.14: 5deb1cb19126dcda058d2170ae0b0a98584d8ed80d46ce998bb9e62e7251ceb0dc416444aaa42f0428743599c59b1b18cfcc0dee8ba4752a89735573876d6303

    To verify, follow the steps below on a Mac with OSX Mountain Lion or newer (advanced users only).

    • Backup your iOS device to your Mac using iTunes
    • Open a terminal and type:
      cd ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Mobile\ Applications/
      cp Surveillance\ 1.15.ipa 
      cd ~
      unzip Surveillance\ 1.15.ipa
      shasum -a 512 Payload/Surveillance.app/Surveillance
      rm -rf Payload
      rm Surveillance\ 1.15.ipa
    • Please note to replace the version number (1.15) accordingly
    • Now verify if the hash (the long range of alphanumerical characters) is the same as above, if not please contact us
    • For Windows users the steps would be similar, however you should download some tool to generate the hash
    • For Linux users, when the correct packages are installed you can use the sha512sum command

    Quick start

    Setting up

    To set up your camera, please refer to the manual that came with the camera and set up the camera using the supplied software and/or the web-interface of the camera. In the app add the camera by entering the hostname and port number and the user account you use to log onto the camera's web interface.

    When you want to access your camera from outside of your local network, you'll need to setup NAT port-forwarding on your router. Some basic understanding of computer networks is required. Please refer to our tutorials below for some help.

    Please understand that we cannot assist in setting up your camera(s).

    Swipe for more controls

    In portrait the controls are available on the bottom of the screen. Swiping from left to right or right to left uncovers more pages with controls. Double-tap returns to the main controls.

    Rotate to view video full screen

    When rotating the device from portrait to landscape orientation the videostream will be displayed in full screen. In this screen you can swipe to the correct camera, pinch to zoom and access a menu with option by tapping the upper edge of the screen.

    Pinch to zoom

    The video image can be zoomed in and out by using the pinch gesture. When zoomed in, the image can be panned or double tapped to view to fit. When not zoomed in double tap to view the image in the original resolution.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    This FAQ is always updated to the latest app version that in the store now.

    Some terminology used in this FAQ:

    • Camera - A supported Apexis camera
    • Home network - The local area network (LAN) the camera is connected to (could be your home, or business network)
    • Router - the device in your home network that offers internet access, usually connected to your cable modem or ADSL modem see Wiki
    • Full Qualified Domain Name - See Wiki
    • Port forwarding - Technique to access devices behind a router, see Wiki
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    Q: I don't hear the sound of the camera through my iDevice's speakershow answer
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    Q: I Updated from iOS x.x to iOS y.y, now the app crashes or hangsshow answer
    Q: I Updated from iOS 5.x to iOS 6.x and some cameras stopped workingshow answer
    Q: I cannot save snapshots to the camera rollshow answer
    Q: The app stops unexpectedly/crashesshow answer


    When you experience problems please first refer to the FAQ to troubleshoot problems. If you can't resolve your problem please check the tutorials and our forum below.


    Quite a large community has been built up around our app, there are a lot of users willing to help you there. Of course we are active on the forum too. The forum can be found on:

    Technical support

    If all else fails, instead of leaving a bad review (we have no means to contact reviewers to resolve problems), please contact us on the E-mail address below:

    Please be sure to mention:

    • Your camera model number(s) and firmware version(s)
    • Your iOS device(s)
    • Describe your problem (regarding the app, for other problems contact the proper authorities)
    • Describe the things you already tried (also regarding the app, your personal lifestyle is of no interest of us)

    Oh, and please communicate in English (or Dutch)

    If you are sure you found a bug please contact us through bugreport@apexisapp.com and supply the same info as above.

    Beta program

    You can help us to improve the app by joining our beta program. Please DON'T sign up if:

    • you are running in a production environment (it is not possible to run both the App Store version and a beta version on the same device), or
    • you are depending on the app for security or safety, or
    • you can't live a day without the app, or
    • you can't stand crashing apps, or
    • you don't have time to reply on questions from me, or
    • you want to impress your friends, or
    • it affects your relationship with your social environment in a negative way.
    Please do sign up when:
    • you do have time to test my app, and
    • you do have time to give feedback, and
    • you like the latest and greatest but unstable features.

    If you still want to become a beta tester, please apply by sending a mail to beta@apexisapp.com and mention all the iOS/Android devices you have. Please note there is only room for a limited number of beta users.